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Specialty Food Retailers

NCR CounterPoint for Specialty Food Retailers

Specialty Food retailers can operate as a distributer, wholesaler, retailer, and café owner - separately or simultaneously. Therefore it is important for your point of sale software to be versatile and customizable. NCR CounterPoint has all the ingredients Specialty Food Retailers need to track their inventory, manage their vendors, and even sell their goods online.

NCR CounterPoint includes a robust inventory management system, touchscreen point of sale (POS) ticket entry, built-in customer loyalty programs, automated purchasing and impressive reporting capabilities. Instant inventory updates let you know what's in stock, on order, and in transit. Track your customers, control your purchasing, retain detailed sales history, or open an online store-NCR CounterPoint includes everything you need to streamline your business and boost your bottom line. Join the hundreds of Specialty Food Retailers that rely on NCR CounterPoint to efficiently and effectively operate their businesses at maximum potential.

Credit Card Sales with EMV and Signature Capture/PIN Pad Technology

NCR CounterPoint easily supports point of sale signature capture for credit card authorization and invoice approval. Signatures are stored electronically with the transaction and can be printed at any time on invoices and statements. Worried about security? NCR CounterPoint is EMV certified!
Fast and Easy Point of Sale Checkout
Touchscreen interface allows you to quickly ring up sales, returns, orders, backorders, special orders and layaways. Or place the entire ticket on hold and print a price quote. Choose from regular or touchscreen ticket entry. Up-sell related items with graphical customer displays. Zoom in on item and customer details. Accept deposits on orders and track them through receiving. Use Secure Pay with EMV Chip, or Mag-Stripe for lightning-fast credit card authorizations. Ring up sales live online or offline at a sidewalk sale or offsite event. Issue a gift card or store credit.
Fully Functional Mobile Business Solutions In Store or for Trade Shows

NCR CounterPoint can be run remotely on powerful Windows® Mobile Tablets from anywhere where there is wireless service, or fully integrated as standalone Point of Sale software.
Up-To-The-Minute Inventory Control
NCR CounterPoint manages your inventory and out-of-stock conditions which will maximize your profitability! Your inventory picture is "up-to-the-minute." You'll know what's in-stock, on-order, and in-transit. Track merchandise movement through serial numbers, kits, and gridded items. Define multiple price levels and promotional prices. Use the built-in merchandising reports to analyze current levels, spot sales trends, and make better buying decisions. Track serial numbers, inventory grids, markdowns, substitute items, and location specific pricing.
Automated Purchasing
Easily place orders with your vendors. Not sure what you need? Let NCR CounterPoint calculate Model Stock levels and create PO's! Automatically calculate and create restocking orders. Simplify reorders by copying historical sales into new purchase orders. Order and receive merchandise for multiple stores. Receive merchandise with or without a PO. Track backorders, RTVs, and customer-specific purchases. Voucher received PO's into your A/P system. Print item labels and barcodes on demand or automatically.
Customer Loyalty
Know who your customers are and what they're buying! Print mailing labels for special promotions. Increase loyalty with frequent shopper programs, customer specific pricing, gift certificates, gift cards, and store credits.
Integrated Ecommerce
Connect your NCR CounterPoint system to an online store with NCROnline, our powerful and affordable web-hosting and website creation service! Expand your business to the web with minimum effort and expense. Upload inventory, customers, and prices to your NCROnline store and download orders into NCR CounterPoint for fulfillment. Online inventory comes directly from NCR CounterPoint. Eliminate costly double entry - web orders are directly integrated into NCR CounterPoint. Search engine optimization and marketing tools to reach new customers.
Reports Library
An extensive library of built-in reports gives you all the information you need to run a profitable and successful business! Access hundreds of built-in reports and journals. View current conditions as well as historical details. Modify parameters to analyze the data your way. Print Quick Reports from any LookUp. Powerful Merchandise Analysis Report and Sales Analysis by Group Report let you analyze your inventory in hundreds of different ways. Graphical management dashboard.
Accounting Interface

Update financial statements and payables and exchange the data with accounting packages.

Define multiple price levels, markdowns, contract prices, quantity discounts, package prices, and location-specific pricing.
Sales History

Retain, view, and report complete detail of every sale you make, or look at summaries and cross-analyses.
Specialty Food Retailers

Specialty Food Industry Testimonial

A Swiss immigrant and renowned cheesemaker, first opened the doors in 1947 to his cheese factory. The business served as a marketplace for the farmers for their milk and other goods. Throughout the last six decades, many things have changed: They've added a restaurant serving both Swiss and Amish dishes. There's a retail location with touristy items in addition to the Amish and Swiss ones. But the devotion to providing strong customer service has not wavered. So when it came time to replace a faltering point of sale system in late 2006, the company president and founder's son, purchased NCR CounterPoint from Radiant Systems.

"We saw very significant power in NCR CounterPoint over its competitors," he says. "After our last point of sale system, we have been pleased to just have reliability. NCR CounterPoint has a tried and tested SQL operating system that provides a stable and reliable database on our server. We live in a county where the power goes out frequently, and it has a number of times since installing NCR CounterPoint. The integrity of the data has never failed."

"Because of the type of business we have, we must be able to scan and ring up random weight items, allow for bulk purchase discounts, slicing charges and other types of pricing variations. NCR CounterPoint allows us to do all that without putting a burden on the store people who use the registers."

"NCR CounterPoint stood out because of the very professional and knowledgeable team who presented its significant flexibility and extensive features that will allow us to grow into specialized applications. There is little it cannot do, regardless of the type of business." - President

NCR CounterPoint Features Beneficial to Specialty Food Retailers

  • Scale interface for weighing produce or bulk food
  • Customer facing displays for a great ROI including selling ad space to vendors or promote special events
  • Random weight barcode support for deli counter scales
  • Automated purchasing calculates the quantities to reorder based on current inventory levels, commitments, backorders, in-transit merchandise, open PO's, desired stocking levels, vendor multiples, and/or vendor minimum order requirements
  • Built-in gift cards
  • Review on-hand quantities, estimated costs, and total retail value for each item, as well as the percentage-to-total ratios for these values
  • Integrated customer loyalty programs and customer relationship management
  • Credit Card EMV Chip Capability for security or Mag-Stripe for fast authorizations during the busy holiday season
  • EBT Food Stamp Support/Food Stamp tracking
  • Return to Vendors (RTVs) may be entered, reviewed, and posted to record the return of merchandise to a vendor. RTVs reduce on-hand inventory. RTVs may also be vouchered into Accounts Payable to record credits with a vendor